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To ensure that our equipment performs to the highest level we offer a range of services to our customers worldwide, using suitably trained and qualified engineers.

Typical service includesCommissioning

  • Survey installed equipment - check alignment and access
  • Check utility connections (air and power)
  • Individual machine test – with and without materials
  • Full system test – with and without materials
  • Run all equipment at upper and lower operational limits
  • Check all safety equipment, interlocks and systems
  • Final inspection and report
  • Leaving working area clean and tidy
  • Travelling to / from site, accommodation and living expense
  • Working during normal working hours

Typical Service Contract excludes

  • Providing packaging materials for setting and test
  • Utility supply (air and power)
  • Working overtime, weekends or holidays (to be charged at Suncombe standard service rates)

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