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EDS+ ™

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Introduction to EDS+ ™ BioWaste Batch Effluent Decontamination Systems

The EDS+ system is a BioWaste Treatment System for biologically hazardous waste decontamination and growth media sterilisation. Available globally, the systems, certified to ASME and ISO/EN standards, are now suitable for local standardisation and offer dual controls in the local language and English. Following 5 years of successful internal and external testing the newest EDS+ system has been considerably enhanced to include a number of major technical advances, including thermal energy regeneration, dual redundancy, anti-foam control, pH neutralisation, 100 per cent positive release for treated waste and electronic records generation.

The EDS+ is designed for waste levels from BSL1 to BSL4 and is typically used in the biopharma sector, laboratories and research institutes. Recent commissions include large state-of-the-art BSL4 effluent treatment facilities for research institutes, as well as Biopharma R&D and production facilities. The EDS+ proved to be a perfect solution for all of these requirements. The pre-designed system incorporates one or two vessels which are used for both collection and treatment and provide dual redundancy in the event of downtime. With capacities varied to suit a wide range of waste volume, the systems are supplied with controls and interlocking functionality to ensure containment is constantly maintained and there is always a positive release prior to discharge of treated waste.

Extensively used in biopharmaceutical processing, genetically modified Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells are classed as genetically modified microorganisms (GMM) and regulations call for waste containing Class 2 to 4 GMM to be inactivated prior to release. The new EDS+ System addresses this requirement for GMM/GMO inactivation by providing multiple inactivation functions including variable temperature thermal kill, thermo-chemical kill and chemical kill. Other features of the system include: thermal regeneration of up to 75 per cent using a two tank system; self CIP; positive release of treated waste can be manual or automatic; and validatable electronic records provided for all treatment parameters.

Containerised EDS+ Systems


The EDS+ systems are also available as containerised versions mounted in shipping containers. Containerised units can improve space utilization and reduce the commissioning, validation and maintenance durations as the modular equipment is supplied in a “ready to operate” state, needing only utility connections on site. Containerised units can speed up projects and substantially reduce capital costs, by minimising the infrastructure requirements, whilst they also allow relocation in the case of changing operations.

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Containment Level: 1 - 4

Number of Vessels: 2 combined Vessels used for Collection and Treatment

Vessel Capacity: to suit

Treatment Temperatures: Ambient to 150°C

Material: 316 Stainless steel, duplex or Hastelloy

Operating Voltage: 230VAC or 400VAC (24VDC control)

Automation: BioSuite Levels 2000 to 4000 (option for DCS control)

Reporting: Printed records or 21CFR11 electronic records and batch reports.

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