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FilterSuite ™


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FilterSuite ™ Description

Developed over the last 50+ years specifically for control of the Suncombe range of Intelligent Automated Filter Systems, the FilterSuite ™ range of packages are Automatic Control Systems which are renowned for their ease of use, reliability and longevity.

FilterSuite™ encompasses a range of automation choices, starting with semi automation, through mid level PLC and HMI versions, to advanced SCADA based systems. The systems are designed to be ergonomic and simple to use while providing flexibility and optimization. They have been developed in co-ordination with client operation, engineering and validation staff and encompass all elements required to provide a controllable, repeatable system. The FilterSuite™ automation systems ensure that your critical Filtration systems are operating at their optimum performance

Designed to GAMP guidelines, the FilterSuite™systems are produced in house by qualified electrical designers and software engineers, in a manner encompassing software development standards (including TickIT, GAMP and IEE guidelines), quality control systems, change control during and post development and development to a software life cycle.

Available in different versions, from ControlSuite1000™ to ControlSuite4000™, they all incorporate the optimum control for Membrane Filtration equipment automation.


  • Allen Bradley and Siemens based architecture
  • Mounted in IP65 stainless steel enclosures
  • Simple maintenance procedures, using industry standard components and methodology

CIPSuite™ Levels


Enclosure Material: Stainless steel (other materials available on request)

Temperature range: 5°C to + 50°C (sterilising)

Operating Voltage: 230 V a.c. and 400 V a.c. (24 V d.c. control)

Hardware: Allen Bradley and Siemens PLC and HMI Solution (option for DCS control)

Reporting: Printed records or 21CFR11 electronic records and batch reports.