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CHP Packer International

CHP Packer International Press Release: Mapping the world of CIP, bio-waste treatment and critical process solutions   About Suncombe: formed in 1961, the company designs and manufactures high quality biowaste decontamination, cleaning and critical processing systems for the Processing Industries. Expertise includes Cleaning In Place and Sterilising, Washers, BioWaste Effluent Treatment, Liquid Processing, Tanks and …
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Clean In Place systems explained

Clean In Place systems explained Clean in place (CIP) technology has been around since the 1950s yet even today it is often seen as a low priority when building a process plant. It is, however, a critical part of it and can lead to considerable benefits if carried out correctly at the correct project stage. …
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Mapping the world of CIP

Mapping the world of CIP, bio-waste treatment and critical process solutions Processing solutions specialists Suncombe has released a Product Map to explain, in visual format, its strengths and capabilities in the technologies of Clean in Place (CIP), Bio-waste decontamination treatment and other critical process solutions. The company has an extensive portfolio of equipment and wanted …
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Suncombe Appoints Singapore Agent

Suncombe Appoints Singapore Agent Suncombe, the UK based biowaste decontamination, washing, cleaning and critical process engineers for the biopharma industries, has appointed Pharmedley Pte Ltd, based in Singapore, as its sole agent for the Singaporean, Malaysian, Thailand and Indonesian markets. This region has significant potential as the biopharma sector is developing rapidly there. A coordinated approach to …
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New CIP System Feature Offers ‘Sterilising on the Move’

New CIP System Feature Offers ‘Sterilising on the Move’ Suncombe, one of the world’s leading Cleaning In Place (CIP), bio-waste decontamination and hygienic process engineers, has announce the launch of a sterilising version of its well-established MobileCIP™ portable CIP System. Primarily for use in the BioPharma sector, the new range is called the MobileCIP/SIP™ and …
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Suncombe Appoints Australian Agent

Suncombe Appoints Australian Agent Suncombe, UK based biowaste decontamination, washing, cleaning and critical process engineers for the processing industries, has appointed Fineweld Stainless Steel Pty Ltd, based in Melbourne, Australia as its sole agent for the Australian market. Fineweld Stainless offers Stainless steel tanks and Equipment and their personnel have been involved with the Suncombe …
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Dosing Skid Range Expands to Meet New Demand

Dosing Skid Range Expands to Meet New Demand Suncombe, which design and manufactures high quality cleaning, biowaste decontamination and processing systems for the critical processing Industries, is expanding its range of liquid Dosing Skids to meet fresh demand from customers for larger storage capacities and flow-rates. Primarily developed for supporting Suncombe’s range of Cleaning In …
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Centre for Process Innovation (CPI)

CPI selects Suncombe Effluent Treatment Facility for UK’s new National Biologics Manufacturing Centre The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) has recently completed commissioning of the new £38m National Biologics Manufacturing Centre in Darlington, Co. Durham, which features a state-of-the-art effluent treatment facility suitable for Containment Level 2 wastes, supplied by Suncombe’s Biowaste Solutions arm. National …
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Suncombe selects METTLER TOLEDO

Clean in Place Systems Manufacturer Relies on METTLER TOLEDO In-line conductivity measurement technology plays an essential role in the efficient operation of Clean in Place (CIP) systems, ensuring the highest possible levels of cleanliness as well as optimal control over the cleaning solutions. A leading manufacturer of CIP systems has selected Thornton conductivity instrumentation for their performance and reliability.   …
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Bio-Waste Treatment System Goes Global

Suncombe announced today the global release of the EDS+™ BioWaste Treatment System for biologically hazardous waste decontamination and growth media sterilisation. The systems, certified to ASME and ISO/EN standards, are now suitable for local standardisation and offer dual controls in the local language and English. Following 5 years of successful internal and external testing Suncombe’s …
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